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Carson & Colorado Railroad

Carson and Colorado at Mt. Montgomery Tunnel - 1882

The Carson & Colorado Railroad (C&C) was a narrow-gauge railroad that operated in the states of California and Nevada in the United States. Founded in 1880, its primary purpose was to serve the mining areas in the region, particularly those around the Owens Valley and the mining boomtowns in Nevada.

Key Points About the Carson & Colorado Railroad:

Origins and Construction:

The C&C was originally intended to stretch from the Carson River in Nevada to the Colorado River, hence its name. However, it never reached the Colorado River. The line started in Mound House, Nevada, where it connected with the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, and extended southward.


The railroad traveled through a variety of terrains, including the harsh environments of the Nevada desert and the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. Its route passed through towns like Hawthorne, Bishop, and Independence, and at its furthest extent, reached Keeler, California, on the shores of Owens Lake.

Economic Role:

The railroad was crucial for transporting silver ore and other minerals from the mines to smelters and markets. It also carried goods and passengers, becoming an essential economic lifeline for the isolated communities it served.

Decline and Legacy:

The decline of mining in the area, coupled with competition from more direct rail routes and the rise of automobile travel, led to the gradual reduction of its operations. The Southern Pacific Railroad, which had absorbed the C&C, eventually discontinued the line in sections, with the final parts ceasing operation in the mid-20th century.

Today, the history of the Carson & Colorado Railroad is preserved through various historical societies and museums, and parts of the old railroad grade are still visible.

The Carson and Colorado Railway was a narrow gauge railroad that ran from Mound House, Nevada, to Keeler, California below the Cerro Gordo Mines. It was incorporated on May 10, 1880 as the Carson and Colorado Railroad, and construction on the railroad began on May 31, 1880. The 300-mile route reached an altitude of 7100 feet in Montgomery Pass. The Carson & Colorado began operations with the first train arriving at Keeler on August 1, 1883.

The railroad served an arid area heavily dependent on mineral resources for economic activity.

The line was reorganized as the Carson and Colorado Railway in 1892. The C&C was sold to the Southern Pacific Company in 1900. Silver and gold discoveries at Tonopah, Nevada and Goldfield, Nevada provided a major boost of revenues shortly after the Southern Pacific purchase. The northern 140 miles from Mound House to Mina, Nevada was converted to standard gauge in 1905; and the C&C was merged into the Southern Pacific's narrow gauge subsidiary, the Nevada and California Railroad. The Nevada and California Railroad was reorganized into the Central Pacific Railroad in 1912. In the early 20th century, it operated under the name "Southern Pacific Keeler Branch". Portions of the line were abandoned in the 1930s and the 1940s, and the final run was on April 29, 1960. The rails were removed in January, 1961.

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1950s map, shows map of narrow-gauge railway from Laws to Keeler via Owenyo, the connection with the SP "Jawbone" branch to Mojave and Los Angeles. The map also shows surrounding towns, such as Bishop, Lone Pine and Olancha. The route of Hwy 395 is also marked. The map is dotted with little pictures of sites such as Mount Whitney, the hotels at Bishop, and the water tower at Keeler.
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