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Mojave Desert Historic Railroad Chronology

"We witnessed here the fabulous speed with which the Railroad was built. Through the two or three hundred miles beyond were scattered ten to fifteen thousand men in great gangs preparing the road bed; plows, scrapers, shovels, picks and carts; and, among the rocks, drills and powder were doing the grading as rapidly as men could stand and move with their tools. Long trains brought up to the end of the completed track loads of ties and rails; the former were transferred to teams, sent one or two miles ahead, and put in place upon the grade. Then rails and spikes were reloaded on platform cars, these pushed up to the last previously laid rail, and with an automatic movement and a celerity that were wonderful, practiced hands dropped the fresh rails one after another on the ties exactly in line, huge sledges sent the spikes home, the car rolled on, and the operation was repeated; while every few minutes the long heavy train behind sent out a puff from its locomotive, and caught up with its load of material the advancing work. The only limit, inside of eight miles in twenty-four hours, to the rapidity with which the track could thus be laid, was the power of the road behind to bring forward the materials."

~ The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920

1876 - 1915

1874-1876 Southern Pacific - San Francisco - LA.
Tehachapi Loop

1881 Southern Pacific - Mojave - Calico Station (Daggett)

1882-83 Southern Pacific builds to Needles

1883 Atlantic & Pacific builds to Kingman

1883 Carson & Colorado - Keeler

1884 Atlantic & Pacific crosses Colorado River

1884 Atlantic & Pacific leases then buys line from Waterman Junction (Barstow) to Needles from Southern Pacific and connects it to A & P line (1885?) (A&P becomes Santa Fe.)

1885 California Southern (I) Cajon Pass: Barstow - San Bernardino

1893 Nevada Southern Railroad: Goffs - Manvel/Barnwell

1895 California Eastern

1898 Randsburg Railway

1902 Ludlow & Southern Railway III

1902 Barnwell & Searchlight III

1904 Tonopah & Tidewater

1905 San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake

1905 Tonopah & Goldfield

1905 Tonopah & Tidewater

1906 Las Vegas & Tonopah

1907 Bullfrog Goldfield

1908(1910?) Arizona & California - Cadiz - Rice - Parker

1912 SP Jawbone

1913 Trona

1915-1916 California Southern (II) Rice - Ripley

Trans-Mojave Railroad

35th Parallel Survey - 1854

First trans-Mojave railroad 1876-84

Class I Railroads

Class II Railroads
- Regional railroads
Carson & Colorado - 1883, Narrow Gauge

Class III Railroads
- Short line railroads

Historic Mojave Desert Railroad Class I Infrastructure

Historic Class II Railroads

SP San Francisco to Los Angeles - 1876

SP Mojave to Daggett - 1882-83

SP Daggett to Colorado River - 1882-83

Atlantic & Pacific - 1883

Introduction:: Nature:: Map:: Points of Interest:: Roads & Trails:: People & History:: Ghosts & Gold:: Communities:: BLOG:: :?:: glossary
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